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Instructions for servicing

Paint processing

Special procedure in just 3 steps

Step 1 
Minor paint damages due to stone hits, scratches etc. can be touched up with clear paint or original paint. After it dries up, smoothen the colour coat with Poli-Block Z.53 (3-element set), then polish well to obtain high gloss. Likewise, dust inclusions in fresh painting can be sanded off with Z.53-Set and polished well to obtain high gloss.

Step 2 
Polish up bad and dull areas of paint using Poliermaschine Z.15A with Perfect-Cut 98 and Miracolo 54. Do not polish in dry state and over edges, and do not process any chemical products in sunlight. Polish corners, door handle depressions and inaccessible areas manually using Wachspolish Super 3 Nr. 9 or Wachspolish violett 22. Polish paint surfaces with rust film coats with Blitzart 38.

Step 3
Condition the surfaces cleaned and polished with Perfect-Cut 98 with Wachspolish Rosé 5 or Perfect Pearl 95. In case of tricky or dark paints, using Wachspolish violett 22 is recommended. For holograms (polish shimmer) also Wachspolish Super 3 Nr. 9 can be used. These polishes can be processed with Exzenter-Poliermaschine Z.15.

Time required 
approx. 70 - 110 minutes