[Translate to EN:] Innenreinigung
Instructions for servicing

Interior cleaning

Another 3 operations to success

Step 1 
Open all ventilation flaps and run the blower at maximum for a short while to blow off impurities, if any.

Step 2 
Remove fragments like dog hair and fir needles using the Hundehaarbürste Z.54. Spray fabric seats, fabric lining, side covers, carpets and car boot with Saubermen 32 diluted at 1:1 to 1:3, then work through with Extraktionsgerät Z.49 until all dirt is washed off and about 90% of water is suctioned off from the upholstery and carpets. Service smelly interiors with Geruchskiller 44or Autoparfüm 42.

Step 3
In the case of genuine leather seats and covers, use Saubermen 32 not directly spraying, but only with a sponge or brush, diluted at 1:6 in order to avoid discolouration. To freshen up leather, synthetic and rubber parts, use Ledercréme 40 or Plasto-Clean 37.

Time required 
approx. 60 minutes