[Translate to EN:] Aussenbearbeitung & Endkontrolle
Instructions for servicing

Exterior processing & final checks

The finishing steps

Step 1 
Service tyres and wheel cases with Blue Star 61 or Gummireiniger/Konservierer 3B. Spray paint unsightly steel rims black or silver.

Step 2 
Service all synthetic parts in the external area with Blue Star 61, possibly Plasto-Shine 47 or Kunststoff-Shine 58 (silicon-free). Use Kunststoff-Fix 39 schwarz for heavily weather-beaten synthetic parts.

Step 3 
Clean external and internal glass sheets with Glasreiniger 20EU or 20. Clean heavily soiled areas (silicon residues, wax coating in new vehicles etc.) using Polier-Vlies Z.21 or Poliermaschine Z.15A with Scheibenreiniger 19.

Step 4 
Rub out door rabbets and tank flaps with CP-WAX Liquid (silicon-free) or Fix Glanz 75; then check again all cleaned and polished parts. Look for wax residues in rabbets, on rubber seals and paint surfaces and on top edges of the side glass sheets; if necessary, do final cleaning. Re-assemble all dismantled parts.

Time required 
approx. 65 minutes