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Basic course


Choose from two different courses, the ideal program for your individual needs:

  • The Basic course A (complete vehicle preparation)
    Learn under the guidance of a Maxolen professional during the training session with precise explanations as to why, how and when what steps are followed.  We show you practically how wet servicing of interiors and exteriors can yield perfect results.
    Course objective:
    At the end of this session, the participant should be able to independently carry out professional level of servicing routines.
  • The Basic course B (Coating)
    Perfection of external servicing is the focal point of this course.
    We deal with servicing the finer aspects such as black paints, rust film, including specific operational tricks of the trade like sanding scratches, touching up deep scratches with lacquer-stick, removing tree resins or lime stains, polishing off spray overlapping and much more.
    You will learn everything that is needed for professional surface treatment that reflects master-craftsmanship.
    Course objective:
    The participant leaves Max Lehner AG as a "Servicing Specialist for Exteriors".

Number of participants
For a conclusion of the course a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 participants need to be registered.

Registration can be filled in online or can be requested by phone or fax on receipt of your application we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Course registration