Cultivate your green know-how

Only the perfect care can bring about success.

Maxolen University. Swiss Made.

Always, the first impression is decisive. This applies to people, but also to automobiles. During the servicing courses conducted by Max Lehner AG your employees will learn how each vehicle needs to be perfectly cleaned and optimally readied for the sale.

Professional care has its advantages:

  • the chances of a quick sale are remarkably high.
  • the standing costs are minimal.
  • discounts can be kept low while resale prices are lucrative.
  • your company’s general ranking is upgraded.

Maximum efficiency and economy are a priority in our courses. Our state-of-the-art equipped training facility, the right appliances employed by Maxolen and the know-how of our technicians help your employees to acquire the real art of professional servicing methodology, applying the principle of: Learning by Doing!

We teach the basics and specific subjects and also offer a total package. You can choose the ideal program from two different courses for your individual requirements.

Number of participants: 
At least 3 to maximum 5 participants must be registered for a course to take place.

Course registration