Aesthetic and sustained profitable wash through premium chemicals and top-notch service for car washing facilities. Exlcusive Swiss Made.

43T2 Self - Dryer

Article Number: 043T2

High-building dryer, gives a perfect shine, no staining and no additional drying required. 

43T3 Acid-Foam Cleaner Fass

Article Number: 043T3

Foaming product on the basis of synergistic acid. Derusts and removes persistent dirt on surfaces.

43T4 Neutral Cleaner Fass

Article Number: 043T4

pH-neutral, biodegradable universal cleaner with special corrosion inhibitors. Cleans quickly and thoroughly without residues.

43T5 Powder Shampoo

Article Number: 043T5

Powder shampoo for automatic cleaning of vehicles.

43Z1 FlocuMax

Article Number: 043Z1

Flocculants for water recovery units.