Aesthetic and sustained profitable wash through premium chemicals and top-notch service for car washing facilities. Exlcusive Swiss Made.

43W5 Super Foam Wax

Article Number: 043W5

Liquid foam wax concentrate providing a solid protection film. Long-term sealing and care for surfaces.

43W6 Underbody Wax

Article Number: 043W6

Liquid wax concentrate with a preservative and water-repellent effect.

43W7 Car Wash Polish

Article Number: 043W7

Liquid wash polish (with premium waxes). Forms a sealing and water-repellent protection film. 

43W8 Dryer Super-Aid

Article Number: 043W8

To be used with all brushwash systems with fans and with all brush types (polyethylene, Sensofil, Sensotex, Teddytex brushes). 

43T1 Foam Cleaner Transparent

Article Number: 043T1

Cleaner for contactless washing of surfaces. Ideal rinsing properties, especially suitable for vertical surfaces, allows long contact times, foaming effect. 

43T2 Self - Dryer

Article Number: 043T2

High-building dryer, gives a perfect shine, no staining and no additional drying required. 

43T3 Acid-Foam Cleaner Fass

Article Number: 043T3

Foaming product on the basis of synergistic acid. Derusts and removes persistent dirt on surfaces.

43T4 Neutral Cleaner Fass

Article Number: 043T4

pH-neutral, biodegradable universal cleaner with special corrosion inhibitors. Cleans quickly and thoroughly without residues.

43T5 Powder Shampoo

Article Number: 043T5

Powder shampoo for automatic cleaning of vehicles.

43Z1 FlocuMax

Article Number: 043Z1

Flocculants for water recovery units.

43Z2 SodaMax

Article Number: 043Z2

Solution of sodium hydroxide for pH- adjustment.

43Z3 AcquaMax

Article Number: 043Z3

Hydrogen peroxide solution, disinfecting and oxygenating.

43Z4 SaltMax

Article Number: 043Z4

Industrial regenerating salt for softening units, fine-grained

43Z5 SaltMax Tabs

Article Number: 043Z5

Sodium chloride (tablets).

43W0 PreWash

Article Number: 043W0

Alkaline power pre-cleaner for car washes.

43W1 Active Foam

Article Number: 043W1

Foam-intensive brushing shampoo for a thoroughly cleaning brushwash.

43W2 Active Shampoo

Article Number: 043W2

Wachsverträgliches Bürstenshampoo zur Unterstützung der Bürstengleitfähigkeit auf der Fahrzeugoberfläche.

43W3 Dryer Agent

Article Number: 043W3

This concentrate accelerates the dispersing of the water film on the vehicle surface.

43W4 Spray & Hot-Wax

Article Number: 043W4

Spray & Hot Wax is a spray and thermo wax concentrate that forms a solid protection film on the surface. Gives the car paint a brilliant shine.