Green perfection on blue waters through premium chemicals for watercrafts. Exclusive Swiss Made.

MarinaMax provides a professional portfolio of premium products for cleaning and maintenance of watercrafts of any type.

S037 Marina Plasto-Clean EU

Article Number: S037

High-grade care emulsion for all synthetic materials. Leaves the material with a uniform satin surface. Has an anti-static effect.

S040 Marina Leather Care

Article Number: S040

High-grade care lotion for delicate cleaning and care of leather and synthetic leather. Does not stain. Allows the leather to breathe.

S043T2 Marina Self - Dryer

Article Number: S043T2

Self-dryer for a perfect shine. No drying, no staining.

S044 Marina AirConMax

Article Number: S044

Neutralises all odours and leaves a pleasant fresh aroma.

S050 Marina WaxShampoo

Article Number: S050

Combined wax-shampoo for cleaning and sealing in a single work step. Leaves a shiny , dirt and water-resistant surface.