Green perfection on blue waters through premium chemicals for watercrafts. Exclusive Swiss Made.

MarinaMax provides a professional portfolio of premium products for cleaning and maintenance of watercrafts of any type.

S037 Marina Plasto-Clean EU

Article Number: S037

High-grade care emulsion for all synthetic materials. Leaves the material with a uniform satin surface. Has an anti-static effect.

S040 Marina Leather Care

Article Number: S040

High-grade care lotion for delicate cleaning and care of leather and synthetic leather. Does not stain. Allows the leather to breathe.

S043T2 Marina Self - Dryer

Article Number: S043T2

Self-dryer for a perfect shine. No drying, no staining.

S044 Marina AirConMax

Article Number: S044

Neutralises all odours and leaves a pleasant fresh aroma.

S050 Marina WaxShampoo

Article Number: S050

Combined wax-shampoo for cleaning and sealing in a single work step. Leaves a shiny , dirt and water-resistant surface.

S035 Marina Clean-All

Article Number: S035

Alkaline all-purpose cleaner concentrate. Biodegradable.

S009 Marina Polish Super3

Article Number: S009

Lacquer preserving Superpolish 3in1. Optimal deep shine and easily rubbed off thanks to natural wax and engaged silicones. Saves several steps of work.

S095 Marina Perfect Pearl 95

Article Number: S095

Optimal long-term sealing with PTFE technology. Perfect deep shine. Excellent roll-off condition.

S032 Marina Saubermen 32

Article Number: S032

Concentrated power formula for an effective clean. Removes dirt, stains, fat, oil, salt etc. from all surfaces. Biodegradable.

S021GP GelCoat Paste without silicone

Article Number: 021GP

MarinaMax l Watercraft. Efficient power grinding paste without silicone for GelCoat surfaces.

021S Marine-Paste ohne Silikon

Article Number: 021S

Grinding emulsion with high abrasion power for heavily-weathered lacquer surfaces.

05400 Miracolo

Article Number: 05400

Miracolo is applied during the mechanical polishing and finishing.

04900 Calc Max

Article Number: 04900

For cleaning highly calcified surfaces.