InduMax is an efficient concept of maintenance and cleaning products. Thanks to innovative research, the environmentally friendly products of this line guarantee quick results in just a few steps. Exlcusive Swiss Made.

41-B Corrosion Protection Wax

Article Number: 041B0

Protects permanently against corrosion. For the most extreme demands. Forms an even, colourless, shiny film. 

30 Thinner

Article Number: 03000

Pure thinner for cleaning spray-guns and for diluting and dissolving of fresh paint.

33 Aluminium Cleaner

Article Number: 03300

Acidic quick cleaner. Removal of old oxide coating and revitalisation of weathered aluminium surfaces. Brings new shine. 

36A Te-Co 14

Article Number: 036A0

Cleaner for convertible tops, tar remover, dewaxing agent and copolymer remover. 

20B Entwachser

Article Number: 020B0

Special cleaner for removing paraffin preservatives and solvent-soluble soiling from oil, grease, etc.