The environmentally friendly cleaning and care concept CareMax fulfils the requirements of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. The latest products provide brilliant results. Exlcusive Swiss Made.

K001 Engine Protection Coating

Article Number: K0010

Clear coating especially for engines, highly heat-resistant. Protects against humidity, salt, soiling and oxidation.

94 Ceramic Cut

Article Number: 09400

High-performance grinding paste for nano-, ceramic-, hard surfaces and UV clearcoats.

K002 Waterproofing universal

Article Number: K0020

Protects all fabrics against humidity and soiling, stain-resistant and colourless.

6A Wheel Cleaner

Article Number: 006A0

Removes stubborn soiling, removes brake dust completely. Makes rims shine like new. 

3 Rubber cleaner without silicone

Article Number: 00300

For jet-black tires and rubber parts. Emulsion cleaner for long-term care and protection. Stronly water-repellent (WITHOUT silicone).