The environmentally friendly cleaning and care concept CareMax fulfils the requirements of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. The latest products provide brilliant results. Exlcusive Swiss Made.

21S Correction Cut

Article Number: 021S0

Strong Machine Polish for rapid workup of severely weathered coatings, to eliminate deep scratches and effective for removal of spraying paint and polished sections to 1500 grit.

42L Leather Noble. Car Scent

Article Number: 042L0

LEATHER NOBLE captivates the senses with a luxurious blend of sensual leather and intensive wood notes, finely balanced with sweet and herbal accents. Sporty, elegant, irrestible, these warm dry and musky notes provide an aura of luxury leather blend to all who encounter them.

P34 Tile and wash hall cleaner acidic. Premium

Article Number: P03400

Special cleaner for tiles and washrooms, extra strong effect - active acid. Free of hydrofluoric acid.

Effectively removes strong water hardness and rust deposits, greasy and oily stains of greater degree. Suitable for cleaning acid-resistant tiles, hall floors, painted surfaces, glass, rubber and plastic.

Excellent alternative to hydrofluoric acid detergents. Also removes heavy industrial and oil spills, rust veil and urine stone, moss, cement, lime scale, scale, brake dust and all other common wheel spills. Forms after cleaning an active protective film with anti-soil effect on the surface.

Problem solver for heavy, acid-friendly cleaning work. It is particularly suitable for brush materials, textiles (eg "Polin", "Microvel", "Sensotex") and foamed brushes (eg "Sensofil", "SoftTecs", "CarLite", etc.). The incorporated inhibitors prevent corrosive damage to brush joints and their wearers.

S34 Tile and wash hall cleaner acidic

Article Number: S03400

Tile and wash hall cleaner acidic

66EU GlueEx

Article Number: 066EU

Glue and tar remover