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43W9 Foam Party


Perfect Maxolen WashMax foam experience with 43W9 Foam Party thanks to its sensational foam capacity and extreme cleaning performance and gloss enhancer. Let the foam party start!

43W9 Foam Party is a special liquid foam cleaner with a feel-good scent for effective use in automatic wash systems and washing lines as a “foam blanket” or “foam wall”. With high foaming and high crosslinking action the advanced formulation creates seamless wall of dense foam that encases the car during the wash.

The foam creates an entertaining visual experience for the customer encouraging repeat visits and the intensive dirt and grease dissolving formula provides brilliant results while caring for both the paint and washing brushes.

Effect creates a "foam blanket", dissolves dirt and grease, gloss care paintwork, protects brushes.

Article Number: 043W9
Packaging: 25 L