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Maxolen Leder- und Kunststoffpflege Lederpflege Lederreinigung Lederbalsam Balsam LeatherBalsam Leather Balsam 40

Maxolen Leather Balsam 40B. Luxury care for leather and plastics.

A luxury leather care balm of sensuous elegance and maximum efficiency as in a professional saddlery.

S11EU, 11EU Maxolen Scheibenpflege, Scheibenklar, Gefrierschutz, Green Tensid Technolgoie

Maxolen Green Screenwash 11EU anti-freeze concentrate without steering tax (VOC).

The extraordinary cleaning strength without VOC:
Green Tensid Technology

Exclusive cooperation between Mobility and Maxolen

Exclusive cooperation between Mobility and Maxolen

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Maxolen Maximum Autoparfüm 42M Swiss Luxury Perfumes

MAXIMUM 42M – luxury vanilla-fruit Swiss fragrances.

Maximum duality – sensual and elegante at the same time. From zero to hundred in three seconds: maximum scent developmement and maximum acceleration. MAXIMUM.