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Maxolen 68 Gloss Protect. Micro.Scratch.Cover.Matrix.Technology.

Pore deep cleaning, gloss enhancement and high-level nano-preservation.

Maxolen 8000 Piranha Cut. Ultra-High-Performance Cut2Finish One-Step Universal Compound.

Maxolen 8000 Piranha Cut. Universal-CUT2FINISH compound. Razor Sharp Matrix-Abrasives of latest generation.

FANTASTIC 42F – car perfume, mountain world of the Swiss Alps.

Maxolen Fantastic 42F presents a new ideal of manhood and is inspired by elemental nature and mountain world of the Swiss Alps.

Maxolen 20G GreenClear. Glass & Display Cleaner 2in1.

Highly versatile 2-in-1 Glass & Display cleaner with pleasant scent.